first eurorack system completed.

a few months ago i started to design my first eurorack system. the whole idea was born out of a need to replace the amazing modular studio that was accessible to me during the couple of years i spent in Utrecht’s school of music and technology. that room had a Roland system 100m , arp2600 alongside some Synton and Doepfer modules. what i wanted to design (or could afford to design) cannot replace all that but can certainly allow me to approach electronic sound from the basics and use it without so many limitations of interface or pre-patched circuitry.

I wanted to get something that was multi-purposed- for live improvisation as well as studio composition and that could process and generate interesting electacoustic sounds as well as material i could use in more tonal and “beat”y scenarios. I also thought i could use a machine which would bring together  and connect all the other parts of my studio so i could basically form different combinations of inter-connected instruments in a variety of ways!

 at long last the 1st setup is finished and this is what i have so far:

this system includes (among others) a “line in” (for processing external signals), 2 tunable oscilators, a ring modulator (which includes 2 oscilators that cannot be tuned to western scales but can modulate or sound pretty good), 3 filters (1x LPF and 2xLPF/HPF), distortion moduel, 4 ADSR envelope generators (chainable), a few mixers and VCAs, a quantizer, cv controlled panner, a few random and function generators and lots of joy!.
there are 3 “multiples” as well (2 are missing from this photo, which i plan to install where the white tape is now) .

shortly after assembling it, i recorded this demo trying to improvise with this system, connected to the rest of my studio gear. in this recording, besides the eurorack system, a korg ms20 and my inkel mixer/delay  were used (not to mention a lot of feedback and cross modulations). It was recorded live with no edits to a stereo channel on a computer:


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