upcoming concerts:

28.06.2023 | West Germany, Berlin | KrossKantriBungalow w. Kellen Mills and Joe Hertenstein

23.06.2023 | Trxxxtr, Berlin | w. Rieko Okuda and Ilia gorovitz

06.06.2023 | Kuhlspot Social Club, Berlin | Circuit Training performing pieces by Nick Dunston & Ignaz Schick (20:00)

19.05.2023 | Linker Laden, Hamburg | Only With You (Korhan Erel / Eliad Wagner) w. Gunnar Lettow

02.05.2023 | Morphine Raum, Berlin | Andrea Parkins / Eliad Wagner duo (kindly supported by Musikfonds, NeuStart Kultur and the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media)

27.04.2023 | Otherland, Bergmannstr. 25 Berlin | Only With You (w. Korhan Erel on more synthesizers)

22.04.2023 | Haus des Rundfunks, Berlin | Infinite Coastlines for solo synthesizer (as part of RSB Symphony Orchestra’s Mensch, Musik! series)


Between Forest and Field (2021) (for Circuit Training – score)
Study of systems with limited predictability (score / recordings)
3 Pictures (for Circuit Training – score)
Other People’s Business (for Circuit Training – score)
Other People’s Business (for Ensemble Phoenix – score / recording


Eliad Wagner is a composer, performer, sound artist and lecturer.
His musical activities explore the meeting point of composition and performance while addressing thoughts on the vocabulary of electronic music, autonomous processes, intention and attention in audio culture, and people’s natural relationships with technology.

Since 2015, He is the head of the Electronic Music Production and Performance degree programme at the Catalyst Institute for Creative Arts and Technology in Berlin.


Circuit training
Only With You

Elena Kakaliagou & Eliad Wagner
Andrea Parkins – Eliad Wagner

Tjong Pow
Yemen Breakfast