My name is Eliad Wagner. I am a sound artist, composer and performer of electronic music.
I was born in Israel in 1979 and currently live and work in Berlin, Germany.

At the moment I am busy with free improvisation in electronic music, using (mostly) modular synthesizer / feedback systems,  composing work for various mediums, lecturing in schools and giving workshops around Europe.

I have been recording music for Metropolis records [US], c.sides [DE/IL], Must Die [UK], Wachsender Prozess [DE] and concrete plastic [UK] and my own label ±g6pd records and presented work at  Computer Music Journal, Haus der Kulturen der Welt (Berlin), Rotterdam International Film Festival, Shoot Me film festival (Den Haag), Guggenheim New York- “youtube play”,  Zaal 100 (Amsterdam), WORM (Rotterdam), Unheard film festival (Amsterdam), Binyanei Ha’Uma (Jerusalem), STEIM (Amsterdam), Shift festival (Basel), Inter/Arts Center (Malmo), DIEM Royal Academy of Music (Aarhus), Network Music Festival (Birmingham) and more.

When not busy with music I enjoy cooking Indian food, singing to my cats and drinking beer around the world.

some other (might be)  relevant information:


2009-2011 M.Mus in electronic music, composition and sound design, study under Marcel Wierckx and Hans Timmermans, Utrecht School of Music and Technology (HKU KMT), NL
2003-2007 B.A. in physics, Hebrew University, Jerusalem, IL


2011 STEIM, Amsterdam, exploring incorporation of graphic scoring in group improvisation/composition, NL
2012 WORM, Rotterdam,  improvisations with electronics and ink, NL


2012 Crossing Streams , presentation and discussion concerning the processes of free improvisation in live electronic performance, freie universitaet Berlin, DE
2012 Improvisation For Live Electronics And Score Generation, on the processes of improvisation games, live electronic music improvisation with painting and graphic scoring (with Lemuriformes), DIEM, Aarhus, DK


2010-2011 electronic music history and repertoire HKU KMT NL
2010-2011 technical Operation Of The Analogue Electronic Studio HKU KMT NL
2010-2011 composition (teaching assistant), HKU KMT NL
2010-2011 Max/MSP (teaching assistant), HKU KMT NL


contact information
for inquiries/ booking/ anything else you can write an email to eliadwagner (at) gmail (dot) com

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