Johannes Bergmark – Eliad Wagner

Johannes Bergmark (amplified objects)
Eliad Wagner (modular synthesizer)

This collaboration started out as an exercise in free music trying to combine our two separate sound worlds but developed fast to become a research into musical thought’s inherent properties and the ability of musical ideas to manifest themselves into structure in different environments and scenarios.

the idea was that a musician’s vocabulary and presence may function similarly to a musical seed- containing some basic information that can grow into different pieces of music once presented in an improvised musical situation. While working on a musical piece (Ghost Operations – commissioned by ohrenhoch sound gallery in Berlin) we decided to generate long textural arrays in a recorded improvisation setting. The arrays were then taken back to the studio and arranged repeatedly albeit with a certain temporal shift between the two voices. After repetition, different phrases in one voice coincide with phrases in the other and by so, constantly generate fresh musical content that adheres to the same mindset that generated it.

The project’s music also deals with concepts of space and surroundings of the improvisation scenario- generating musical content that follows the space and physical conditions in which it is derived. In the case of Ghost Operations, the music was created in a complex space with different rooms in varied size and acoustic environments. it was created and recorded in the specific gallery space it would later occupy (with variations). By doing so, the piece also deals with many questions that usually arise regarding improvisation recording and its worth (since normally, the recording disconnects the physical space from the music- see Cornelius Cardew’s Towards an Ethic of Improvisation)






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