Julie Dassaud (ink)
Roel van Doorn (bent circuits and code)
Laurens van der Wee (code and no-input mixer)
Eliad Wagner (modular synth)

lemuriformes  basically started as a free improvisation experiment with a korg ms20 synth, a broken radio/ tape machine,  live coding in max/msp and painting. Pretty fast this matured to be a concept loaded collaborative improvisational performance project.

The sounds created by fusion of max/msp with the radio’s crackling circuit, the howling ms-20 and the visual world  sketched by Julie on top of the code’s projection are captivating. As time went by Laurens started being less interested in code and more in working a beastly old Peavey eight hundred stereo mixer. Roel on the other hand has been exploring live coding for visuals (in Jitter) and I expended with the introduction of analogue effects as well as  trying to replace the ms-20 with a Eurorack modular system.

As the players changed their roles, new rules and schemes had to be invented so that all parts will make sense and now we are dealing with plenty of improvisation games, ideas about graphic scoring, data flow, feedback networking and plenty more.





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