Tjong Pow

Laurens van der Wee (no input mixer)
Eliad Wagner (modular synthesizer)


Tjong Pow is an improvisation project that wishes to re-examine our human relation with the technology we use in music and the methods we apply to it. How do we get to understand our technology? To what level do we allow ourselves to know it? And what happens as we go further and deeper into that relationship?

We explore these themes by engaging in musical conversation with each other as well as with technology- In this case, a hybrid (digital/analogue) electronic instrument, comprised of interconnected mixers, modular synthesizer, sequencers, effects and pick-up elements. The instrument is connected in a way that gives it an elaborate, chaotic and often seemingly independent behavior. An additional emphasis and interpretation of our efforts is given by an oscilloscope (optional), displaying audio feed from the two performers to create a real-time visual x/y representation of the musical gestures, rhythm, interaction and counterpoint as well as the interconnection of the instrument.

Tjong Pow leads the listener through our feedback induced daydreams and creates a collage of freeform, bizarre and highly captivating electronic music events. By using tools and techniques from the improvised music practice while borrowing from the sound world and principles of musique concrète, Tjong Pow builds bridges between human physicality and mechanical behavior. The result is an amalgam of sonic events, forced into place by the actions of the two performers on stage.

Tjong Pow released 2 albums in early2014, more like random objects or rocks on Must Die Records and Tjong Pow & TBC on Wachsender Prozess.

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  1. Helou Tjong Pow, I have made some photos of your performance (as part of west wednesdays) feel free to use them using refered credits, have a nice day!

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