Yemen Breakfast

Ignaz Schick (4-speed turntable)
Eliad Wagner (analog modular synths)

We met for the first time in a spontaneous electro-acoustic free jazz gig in a small Neukölln joint and fell musically in love instantly. We had the immediate wish to meet more frequently and work on a purely electonic project . In a first rehearsal we developed 3 collaborative compositions with a delicious, crispy and crunchy approach to electronic music. Ignaz is performing on an old vintage fourspeed califone turntable using all kinds of shitty old obscure materials in a pretty physical and manipulative way going back to the basics of vinyl treatment: cut and go and extreme pitching while I use the (ever changing) modular synth and some ultra long analog delay and reverb machines. The resulting music of this duo is pretty physical and opposes the idea of constructivist forms. we attempt to leave space for spontaneous reactions as the music is full of bizarre humor, roguishness and makes use of the most obscure sounds. Disaster, accidents and trashy materials are allowed.


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